About the Artist

enjoy-centre-aug-31Art is the focus of Helen’s personal and professional life. She is a graduate of the University of Alberta and enjoyed a long career teaching junior and senior high school art for the Edmonton Public School Board until her retirement. As an art educator, Helen explored many forms of artistic expression through courses and workshops. Since retirement, she has pursued her love of sculpture through active membership in the Sculptor’s Association of Alberta. While she has worked with a variety of media including welded steel, mixed media plaster, wire and rice paper, she is best known for her colourful mixed media mosaic sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Edmonton and St. Albert. Helen is a member of the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta, the Visual Arts Alberta Association, the Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert, and the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

Artist Statement

Helen’s sculpture is imaginary, colourful, and often whimsical in nature. She rarely begins with a fixed plan. Rather, ideas come from doodling and playing with materials until something emerges. The end result is often a surprise -a practice crystallized into form. It is difficult to categorize her sculpture in any specific medium since each one incorporates whatever materials work for a particular idea.